It’s hard when someone close to you dies, whatever the circumstances. And planning and paying for a funeral is an additional burden at a time when you can already feel overwhelmed.

You can make the time after your death easier for your loved ones. By arranging your funeral now, you can free them from this burden and give them time to grieve properly. And pre-paying your funeral costs means they won’t come from your final estate.

Make your funeral about you

How many funerals have you been to where you could recognise little about the person who died?  Yet a funeral should be an opportunity for our family and friends to remember us, our lives together and the person they knew. By planning your own funeral, you can make sure that your family and friends celebrate your life in the way you choose.

How to plan your funeral

  1. Decide whether you’d prefer burial or cremation and add this detail to your will
  2. Choose one of our Funeral Plans
  3. Leave your instructions in a safe place, perhaps with your will

The right funeral plan

We offer a choice of funeral plans to cover all preferences and budgets. From the plain and simple to the more opulent, we can help you arrange the funeral you’d prefer.  You can choose any funeral director registered with the national scheme and your instructions can be as complete or as flexible as you’d like.