Getting started is the hardest thing: usually we are stalled because we cannot imagine the final result and often this means that the original plan is frequently changed! Here we can help you!

With our years of experience and knowledge of important papers relating to employment, pensions, investments and insurance we can quickly dispose of anything that is unimportant. We shred all unwanted documents to ensure complete confidence: The rest is filed neatly for easy maintenance.


Once everything is organised, we can help you consider how best to prepare your affairs to protect your assets for your loved ones. We can review your existing Will, organise a Lasting Power of Attorney and Living Will, discuss Funeral Plans and how to use Trusts to ensure that when Probate is required it is a simple process.


And we are here to help every step of the way through the Probate process to ensure that it is managed efficiently with compassion so that you are able to devote your energy to dealing with your loss.