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At Haven Asset Management we’ve been helping people manage their personal affairs for more than 20 years. Over that time we’ve built a wealth of experience. So while we’re experts in what are often complicated processes, we’re also practised at supporting people through what can be a very stressful time.

We combine a calm, professional approach with genuine warmth and empathy to give you the best available advice in the best possible way. We’ll guide you each step of the way, explaining everything to you in clear, simple language.

We understand

Dealing with death, either preparing for your own or after bereavement, can be difficult. For many of us it’s an emotional time. We understand this.

We understand that your situation is different. That your experiences, feelings and personal circumstances are yours and yours alone. So you need to arrange your affairs in a way that’s right for you.

And we understand that sometimes just accepting your situation is hard enough, without having to deal with a mountain of confusing paperwork as well.

We listen

So the first thing we do when you contact us is listen. We listen to you and others in your family who need to be involved. We can visit you at your home or arrange to meet you somewhere else if that’s what you’d prefer. We can also have a virtual meeting using Skype.

You’ll find that the sooner we meet and get the necessary steps underway, the easier it is for everyone. We’ll help you get back in control at a time when you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused. And we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

We help

We can help you:

  • Organise your finances and put your paperwork in order
  • Write a will or review one you already have, making sure it’s relevant for your current situation
  • Explore how a trust could simplify your affairs and help protect your family
  • Understand the benefits of using a lasting power of attorney and discuss the implications with your family
  • Choose the right funeral plan for you
  • Prepare for and work through the probate process

Whatever your situation, we’ll discuss everything with you using simple language.  We’ll explain the whole process clearly so you understand what’s happening every step of the way.

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Haven Asset Management clearly explained the steps I needed to take, collected all the information and completed the forms. Even to the extent of taking me to the Probate office to swear the oath! Once that was done and the Grant received, they worked through the collection process smoothly. This was one thing I didn’t have to worry about!

Mr. R - Raglan

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