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Poor Peggy Mitchell

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Poor Peggy Mitchell: she’s facing some difficult decisions and coping in the way we would expect: coming out fighting!
She knows her remaining life will be short and can make her plans.
Knowing her time is limited, she is able to make peace with family and friends – how great to be able to mend fences and right wrongs.
Not all of us are as clear about our future as Peggy.
We often choose to put to one side the planning required to make our wishes clear to our families: it’s a bit like spring cleaning – never an exciting prospect but feels so much better when it’s done.
It’s always the right time to write a Will! Many people don’t like the idea of getting started, for whatever reason: some believe that it’s tempting fate and that by writing a Will you are preparing for something to happen soon. But you make sure you have car insurance without thinking you will have an accident as a result – you are just being prepared; and you have buildings insurance in case your house falls down – how often is a claim made for this?
Some people believe that they don’t have enough to make it worth writing a Will. This may be true, but there may be children involved and with a Will you can specify who you would wish to have the responsibility for their care – and that may be better placed with a good friend rather than a member of your family.
Some people think that, because they have a Will, they have what they want and don’t need to think about it again. Well, life happens and things do change – moving home, another child, divorce, remarriage, bereavement, inheritance – all these make a difference and can change the way we think about life.
Because we don’t have a choice about how we arrive in this world, but we do have a choice in how we would wish to leave it.
So, like Peggy, take the time now to look at how your current arrangements fit with your wishes now. Call us on 01873 840173 or visit our website: www.havenam.co.uk

I am so pleased to have chosen Haven to deal with the Probate for my Mother. The Solicitors I went to were not helpful. Haven made it all so simple and dealt with all the paperwork. They answered all my questions in a friendly and knowledgeable way. I would recommend this service to anyone.

Mr K - Newport

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