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March – Free Wills Month

Major charities are offering over 55s the opportunity to have a free will or will update provided by a local participating solicitor during the month of March.  The idea is that you leave something to one of those charities in your Will.

This sounds like an excellent idea and I would encourage everybody to write a will.

My experience is that few wills are simple these days!  Most families are complicated with divorce and remarriage frequent especially within this age group: the silver generation is statistically more likely to get divorced than any other and remarriage at this age would be likely to involve more complex arrangements than a simple will could allow.

So take this opportunity to write a will, keep in mind that a will is rarely simple, ensure that your loved ones are protected – take advice!

I cannot sing Oonagh’s praises enough. She never uses jargon, and keeps everything really simple and easy to understand. She is always available to sort out the paperwork that concerns me and I feel confident that when she makes a recommendation she has my best interests at heart.

Mrs. W - Hereford

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