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Did you know that the Government has changed the way they expect to collect Probate fees when somebody dies?

Embed from Getty Images The Government recently announced changes to Probate Fees. Previously all Estates were charged a flat rate of £215, but now you will be charged on a scale depending on how much your   Estate is worth on death. Whenever a person dies, there is a requirement for the Executor to make a final […]

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Poor Peggy Mitchell

Embed from Getty Images Poor Peggy Mitchell: she’s facing some difficult decisions and coping in the way we would expect: coming out fighting! She knows her remaining life will be short and can make her plans. Knowing her time is limited, she is able to make peace with family and friends – how great to […]

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Why you should make a Will

Many people are reluctant to make a Will: there are two main reasons for this – either because of the fear of facing the consequences of his/her death; or because this is a snapshot of life and things change: there could be a change of mind; there’s a new baby on the way; somebody’s getting […]

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Could it be that “the artist formally known as Prince” really died without leaving a valid Will?

Embed from Getty Images This was the big news story over the weekend: that, as no Will can be found his sister, Tyka Nelson, has filed for the Court in Carver County, Minnesota to appoint a special administrator to distribute his estate. Minnesota Laws of Intestacy (the rules by which an estate is distributed where […]

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March – Free Wills Month

Major charities are offering over 55s the opportunity to have a free will or will update provided by a local participating solicitor during the month of March. The idea is that you leave something to one of those charities in your Will.

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I have known Oonagh for several years and have always been impressed by her knowledge and her ability for helping people arrange their financial affairs. I would personally recommend a consultation with Oonagh – it is quite refreshing to see things from another perspective

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